Adidas Taiwan Makerlab

Adidas (Taiwan) Makerlab is a hub for fitness enthusiast and fashionistas. It is a place where it features local-design sportswear and customisation options. It also offers plenty of workshops and exciting events.  

For the launch of this makerlab, I was commissioned to create a set of illustrations. The brief given was to highlight the unique aspects of life and culture in Taiwan. The visuals will then be uploaded on social media for marketing, in-store for customers to choose and print, as well as the store visual merchandising decors.  

There were a few themes to choose from - delicious food, fusion of hakka/hokkien/chinese/aboriginal and japanese culture, national sports and ecetera. I chose sports as theme to focus on and also featured historical landmarks in the background to create depth, and bring out what makes a Taiwanese / the Nation proud. 

Adidas Taiwan
Art Direction
Stephanie Cahyadi
Stephanie Cahyadi

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