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6 posters  on what Bounce is trying to change

Unsustainably low rubber prices have put immense pressure on those farmers and the natural environments they work in – which has left the rubber industry in disarray, verging on collapse.

To address these issues, BOUNCE proposes six key changes for the industry to adopt, each anchored by a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs form the guiding principles that define the BOUNCE movement. It is BOUNCE’s long-term aim that these standards be used to develop a framework for sustainable rubber, and a stamp of approval that consumers understand and trust. 


BOUNCE is the world’s first sustainable rubber movement anchored by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It is a call-to-action for suppliers, manufacturers and stakeholders to develop and adopt a set of sustainability standards for natural rubber production. This movement also aims to increase consumer awareness of how natural rubber is made – and to encourage them to demand a sustainable option when purchasing rubber goods. 
With sustainability in mind, the logo was inspired by the recycling symbol. We have used the human hands to show that Bounce cares.

To show the significance and impact of the movement, the visual system has to have an activist look and feel. We have taken inspiration for Saul Bass, who was famous for his use of simple, geometric shapes and symbolism. Often, a single dominant image stands alone to deliver a powerful message. These shapes, as well as type, were often hand-drawn to create a casual appearance, always packed with a sophisticated message. The colours used in the visual system were taken from the 6 UN SDG goals.



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