Eatmepoptart September 2019

Started off as a trio of kids playing a selection of music to current favourites in Britpop, alternative rock, electro and indie pop at house parties, Eatmepoptart has grown into a sensation in the Singapore party scene. Now, they are an one of the longest lasting party organization here. Over the years Eatmepoptart has been attracting new generation of club kids and youths- despite the ever-changing music entertainment landscape.

Every month, Eatmepoptart would commission budding artists to do event collaterals for their party. This also includes social media marketing materials such as instagram stories and Facebook post.       

For the month of September, Eatmepoptart has chosen the song Me & You by Honne. Inspired by the phrase ‘the world beneath our feet’ in the lyrics,  I drew a world that looks captivating and psychedelic for the party goers. 

Art Direction
Stephanie Cahyadi
Stephanie Cahyadi
UIUX Designer 
Creative Designer
& Illustrator
based in Singapore
+65 8189 9205