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Jand Wee Studio is a Photography & Design Studio based in Medan, Indonesia. Just barely three years old, the studio already has a major influence in Medan’s art scene. The founder Jand Wee, made it a mission for himself to bring the Art Scene in Medan to the next level. Being known as a studio that prides itself on pushing boundaries, he decided to create a street press publication that was circulated in the trendy areas in Medan such as cafes and malls. The magazine aims to bring the spotlight on young emerging creative talents in Medan, alongside with sharing his process as a creative himself in a bid to cultivate a vibrant art scene in Medan.
Not being one to shy away from sensitive topics, the studio kicked off it’s inaugural issue with the theme – State of Freedom. This topic is one which many creatives will be able to relate to, coming from a conservative country like Indonesia. Despite the risk of creating controversy, the studio felt that it was important to highlight these issues so as bring about progression for the Art Scene in Indonesia and also at the same time provide support for the creatives who feels constraint from the lack of freedom.  

So for this issue, my challenge is to show the vulnerable side of Jand Wee to the public. In the illustration, I drew Jand being protected by the bubble, only to be probed by people. This acts a metaphor to show that his safe space has been violated and his true self has been exposed to the public.

Jand Wee Studio
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Stephanie Cahyadi
Stephanie Cahyadi

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