Milk & Honey 

Milk and Honey Gelato is a friendly neighborhood dessert place: casual, farm-to-table, community- focused. It is an ideal establishment for people to gather for made-from-scratch kind of waffle, no nonsense good gelato and some other light refreshments after a hearty meal. As Milk & Honey decide to expand their business, they needed a stronger brand identity to face competitors such as Ben & Jerrys and other ice-creamerys.
The general consumption tendencies locally seem to veer towards a more health-conscious nature, consumers want to know where their food come from. This is apparent in the huge number of health-oriented hashtags on social media platforms alone, e.g. (#eatclean). Hence, to fit into the health concious market, the solution is to take on an organic approach. As this is a family friendly dessert place, bright colours and fun illustrations are chosen to draw kids into the place.  

Milk & Honey

Equus Design

Creative Director 
Andrew Thomas

Design Director
Teppo Hastings

Stephanie Cahyadi
UIUX Designer 
Creative Designer
& Illustrator
based in Singapore
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