Operation Hope Foundation

OHF (also known as Operation Hope Foundation) is a local charity founded in 2001. It is involved in five programmes as follows: OHF Child, OHF Solutions, OHF Skills, OHF Volunteers, OHF Community. In 2014, Equus took up the task of rebranding OHF on a pro bono basis so as to give back to the community. The objective of this project was to help OHF raise more funds as well as to garner more awareness towards those in need.
To humanise the brand, a mascot in the form of the letter ‘H’ was created to use as the face of OHF. The form of the mascot was chosen because “H” represents “hope” a key theme for the main beneficiary of the organisation, the children who are under OHF. A child-like art direction was adopted so as to portray a feel of warmth, so as to garner the trust of the public. The mascot can also be seen in five sub-brands to support the five programmes in Operation Hope Foundation.

Operation Hope

Equus Design

Creative Director
Andrew Thomas

Design Director
Teppo Hastings

Stephanie Cahyadi
UIUX Designer 
Creative Designer
& Illustrator
based in Singapore
+65 8189 9205