Park 22

Park 22 is a boutique hotel situated in Little India, an ethnic and vibrant district in Singapore. Tangible has came out with the positioning ’time-out for explorers’ to redefine the hotel as a snug and cosy space to relax and recharge when travellers need a place to rest. Due to the limitation of spaces and rooms, this snug and cosy theme has transformed it into an attractive selling point.
Seeing that the hotel’s main target audience are millennial culture seekers, Tangible has designed the visual and verbal identities relevant to them. Black & white and sepia toned images, wooden and metal textures, paired with a mixture of modern and vintage typefaces were carefully chosen to give off the rustic industrial style that young people love. A unique set of customised graphic messages was developed to give Park 22 some visual and verbal texture. Tangible have also redesigned their website with additional features such as recommendations around the neighbourhood for the hotel customers to explore.

Park 22


Creative Director
Charlie Scott

Design Director
Kimberley Batchelor

Stephanie Cahyadi 

UIUX Designer 
Creative Designer
& Illustrator
based in Singapore
+65 8189 9205