Sweet Twenty Sixteen

RJ paper is a paper supplier that has been supplying designers, creators, artists and makers with high quality grade papers since 1987. Started off as a small company in Singapore, they now have expanded their presence to other parts of Southeast Asia. Every year RJ paper would collab with artists /design studios to produce a desk calendar for their long-term partners, friends, and clients as a year end gift.

This year, ten selected designers have joined together to design the calendar. Since it’s 2016, we have decided to play around with the idea of sweet sixteen (e.g. sweet sixteenth birthday). Each designer is allowed to choose one or two of their favourite month(s) and interpret what sweet sixteen means to them. 

In collaboration with
RJ Paper

Colourscan Print Co
Designed by
Stephanie Cahyadi
Lee Suet Yee

Photographed by
Darissa Lee
Illustrated by
Stephanie Cahyadi (Cover, Jul)
Adeline Tan (Jan, Aug)
Juniper Lim (Feb)
Efren Prieto (Mar)
Lee Suet Yee (Apr)
Nicholas Lee (May)
Liew Liquan (Jun, Nov)
Ivan Woo (Sep)
Mak Yu Jing (Oct)
Krystal Melson (Dec)

UIUX Designer 
Creative Designer
& Illustrator
based in Singapore
+65 8189 9205