UXPM C8 Grad Showcase: 

House of C8 

UX Design and Product Management is a 6-month course offered by the NTU (Nanyang Technology University) and SkillsUnion. It is aimed to help Singaporeans/ any residents in Singapore who are impacted by the economic consequences of COVID-19 to acquire a highly in-demand emerging skill.  

At the end of the course, each cohort participates in a graduation show case, and only featured graduates are able to present their case study to the industry experts.

For this cohort, we did it differently as it doesn’t seem fair that only a few graduates are able to present their case studies. So, we designed a space that allows all of our classmates to participate and showcase their work through the interactive site - House of C8.     

Inspired by the colourful peranakan shophouses in Joo Chiat, we decided to illustrate our cohort renting a shophouse - where our instructors are the people who help us in our daily lives (cleaner, security guard, mantainance man and delivery man), and the students are the tenants of the shophouses. We call it the House of C8 - a safe space for the students to hone their crafts and gain confidence in the process as they strive to be a better designer, communicator and person.   

The Team 
The team comprise of another classmate of mine, Aliff Tee. We both did the illustrations and interactions of this microsite. 

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