Wintershine is a sustainable aquaculture nutrition & healthcare company based in Singapore. Wintershine uses the power of the Sun and the Oceans to produce microalgae and farm fish  within a closed-loop system that helps to minimize waste. They have approached Tangible to do a rebranding, and thus we have helped them to redefine who they are as a brand, as well as what they offer.
The brand positioning that our team has came up with is ‘Teaming up with nature for sustainable solutions’. From this viewpoint, we have developed a graphic system that can be easily adapted to other Wintershine’s subsidiaries and product brands and applied to all communications materials. The flexible mosaic system was inspired by Wintershine’s entrepreneurial spirit to focus on the bigger picture. And the plus sign in the graphic system came from the idea of them always enhancing what nature already provides to create sustainable solutions.



Creative Director
Charlie Scott

Design Director
Kimberley Batchelor

Stephanie Cahyadi
Shawn Thomasz

UIUX Designer 
Creative Designer
& Illustrator
based in Singapore
+65 8189 9205